5 Strategies for Online Marketing That are Low-Cost and Suitable for Anyone Getting Started

Many people are going into business for themselves. For some, this is the only way to get a job and for others, it is the preference of being their own boss. Either way, it is difficult to compete with larger companies that are visible everywhere. Rest assured, you don’t need to have a lot of money to get yourself out there. Here are a few online strategies that are inexpensive and creative.

1. LinkedIn

Creating a LinkedIn group is free. You can create a professional network for your product or business. It might take some time. Your goal should be to encourage networking, discussions and providing resources.

2. Endorsement

Big brands like Nike and Apple have international celebrities that endorse them. This might not be realistic for you, but endorsement by a local celebrity might. Local celebrities are singers, actors, sports stars, or even a teacher who is in the public eye. Approach one of these people and send them your product to get their feedback. Ask them to endorse you.

3. YouTube

Create a marketing video and post it on YouTube. Just recording or creating random videos will not help. Your marketing video should include a keyword researched headline, a clear editorial message, and a call to action. Recording a video is easy with a smart phone, so no expensive equipment is needed. Ask a friend who can do video editing to help you out.

4. Niche blogs

Find a few blogs that are in the same niche as your business. Contact the owner or writer and ask them if you can contribute. Offer them a part of your service or products for free. Tell them what you have to offer and the things you would like to write about. Explain why you think your ideas will be valuable to the readers.

5. E-book

Write an e-book about your industry. It can be about the issues or benefits. It can be about new developments and what they can bring to potential clients. You don’t have to be the best writer to write an e-book. You can even hire a ghostwriter for only a few dollars. You can upload your book to Amazon for free.

No more excuses! Get started on your strategy.

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