7 Tips for Using Psychology to Improve Your Marketing Strategies and Target the Right Consumers for Your Product or Business

Marketing is aimed at people. People are human. Humans are driven by psychology. It is a very good idea to do some psychological research on consumer behaviour. You can use this information in your marketing strategies. It will definitely help you understand how consumers think and what makes them buy something. Here are a few tips for using psychology in your marketing strategies.


Most people make impulse purchases. All ages, races, and genders are prone to impulsivity. You have heard many consumers say they walk into the store to buy bread and dog food and walk out with sweets and all kinds of things that were on special.


Pictures are better than words. Consumers process the information in a picture faster than when they need to read too many words. Good pictures will do your strategy wonders.


There is a lot of information on colour and psychology. Do some research and find out what colours will have the effect you want. Use this for advertisements.


If you want consumers to trust your business or product, there are words that can help. Words that work are authentic, certified, loyal, guaranteed and official.

Get the ‘yes’

According to research, if a person said yes to something once they are more likely to do so again. This is why sales people push to get consumers to say yes to email sign ups or receiving newsletters.


Most consumers have some type of budget. When they walk in and see a price that falls outside their budget amount, they will walk by. If, however, their budget is £1500 and they see that what they want has been marked down from £4000 to £2000 they might buy it. The discount will urge them to go over budget.


Even the more rational types of consumers act on emotion. All purchases are based on emotion. Marketers should use this knowledge to their advantage.

If you are a marketer or looking to market your product yourself, take these tips into account. Use them in your strategy and see what happens.

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