The world of marketing is forever changing. New strategies emerge and old ones fall away or are adjusted. The online world has taken over and opened a whole new area of expertise. Everyday there are new companies and tools. The field is extremely broad and has many sub-areas of interest.

We pride ourselves on keeping our readers up to date with all new developments and ones that are on the horizon. We aim to cover as many marketing-related subjects and areas. We can only do this if we constantly have new influences.

We need anyone with knowledge in the field to come forward and contribute to our blog. Share your knowledge or upcoming strategies or products that you are working on. By no means do we want to spill all the beans or take away your edge. We want to be on top of every new development and its benefits. We need you to share your experiences of what worked and what didn’t. All of this helps our readers – many are business owners – to know what will suit their needs best.

If you feel you have a valid and helpful contribution to make, please contact us. We would love to hear from you. If your tips and advice are well received, you can even become a permanent part of our team. Our readers love new perspectives and tips. If they take well to what you have to offer, we will ask you to become a contributor on a regular basis.

We look forward to meeting you!